Finwin Srl

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Compro a Sud by Finwin S.r.l.

born on :: 07/1999

web :: www.comproasud.it

mail :: info@comproasud.it

tel. :: +39 081.5722018

mobile :: +39 392.7968199




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Our value proposition Compro a SUD by FinWin Srl

Offers the pleasure contained in food, not simple sells it.

Compro A SUD is the sales system for no-GDO products based on emotional marketing.

With our food kit we rediscover the taste of grandma dishes, recreate the holiday athmosfere, let you enjoy a dinner with your partner, have the admiration of friends.

Choose on the portal the kit that contains all the necessary for the recipe.

The kit can be delivered on your home or reaching the nearest undergroud Compro A SUD embassy. There you can have suggestions, exchange tips, take part to an event.

Not a cooker ? No problem! Download the app that instructs you step by step how to make it.

Need more assistance ? Have a web call with our professional cooker.

Executive Team
meo_2 Pier Giuseppe Meo
Resp. Organization & IT
Owner FinWin, già manager in FinMeccanica / Ansaldo Trasporti S.p.a.
piccolo Lorenzo Piccolo
Researcher in ENEA
Resp. Comunication & Detail
dantonio Ludovico D’Antonio
Cogne Acciai Speciali Spa
What we’re looking for… Worldwide partnership with food companies, italian salesman
Our pitch ….soon avaible….